Why Are Telltale’s Games So Popular?

TellTale Minecraft By Brian Massey
With Telltale having games such as Walking Dead, Tales from Borderlands, and Game of Thrones, each of these games are popular and had good scores from critics and are prized by gamers even though there are other episodic games out there. What makes Telltale’s so famous out of all of them?

Now Telltale has bad games such as the Jurassic Park Game with a bland story with generic characters and cartoony-like villains. In fact there are a lot of characters and plot lines that are forgotten so quickly you forget they were there. As for the others, you do care about the characters because you see what they are going through and if you messed up not only you the characters around feel bad you would feel bad. They pull you into the characters’ dilemma and with the decisions in the game that result in many different outcomes. It leaves the player wondering what will happen, almost like a movie; heck it can almost feel like you’re the director feeling like you’re in charge in who lives and who dies. In fact, Doug from Walking Dead appears in Poker Night 2 almost proving my statement – not only watching but making your own movie, maybe you could consider the game over as a cut.

Now you could compare this to Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, or Beyond Two Souls. And while the choices you do make have an effect on a story in Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls results in the same outcome no matter what happens, except for one of the endings. You can let a character die or introduce a new character but if it doesn’t affect the story in anyway what’s the point; it’s just filler for the game. Telltales popular games didn’t have filler, even if there is one with more focus on what a character is doing, whether talking or seeing up a plan because they want to keep the story and characters going to find out what happens to them or what will the outcome of their journey be. And with choices the player makes, what could be considered as the right or wrong way and makes the player think what will happen in the end.

And besides Telltale games there are others following this concept gameplay, games like Life is Strange and Blues and Bullets where the decisions you make do have an outcome, even if it’s little. There are important outcomes to what decision you make that leads to an ending that you hope you made the right decisions for, and with Telltale not only continuing their stories but also making new ones such as Minecraft: Story Mode, it just leaves everyone excited for it to come.

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Brian_MasseyBrian Massey has been studying game design for 4 years now. He is 21 Years Old. He earned the Deans Honors List last semester. He has learned game design aspects such as 3D Modeling and Special Effects. He went to Japan to Form Software in a study aboard program to learn more about the company. He hopes to not only be a part of a large game design company but also that one of his game ideas be created and shown in the real world.