The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian By Sarah Howell

The Last Guardian, is an upcoming video game developed by Team Ico and a continuation of the popular and critically-acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus (although it is unclear how the two games relate). The title is being designed and directed by original creator Fumito Ueda.

The game has been shown to revolve around a young boy, kidnapped for an unknown reason, who befriends a large dog/cat/bird-like creature, Trico, to evade guards who are hunting them
both. The interaction between Trico and the boy is heavily based on the companionship between the player and his horse, Agro, in Shadow of the Colossus. Ueda used this interaction and relation as the core concept of the game and aims for creating an emotional attachment between the boy and beast.

In the game the player must manipulate Trico through the boy’s character like a real wild animal by tempting it with food until Trico trusts the boy. The player can use Trico to leap to tall
platforms and solve puzzles and attack throughout the game. The game will stay true to its puzzle-based gameplay of the past as well as random enemy attacks. Like Ueda’s game Ico, the player’s only goal is to survive each attack.

The long-awaited game has been in development since 2007, hitting several pitfalls and hiccups along the way in the forms of hardware issues and the departure of Ueda and other key team
members from Sony in 2012 (luckily remaining key consultants).The game was finally re-introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 and slated for release on the Playstation 4 sometime in 2016, much to the joy of many, many patient fans.

About the Author
sarah_howellSarah Howell is a 25-year-old graduate with a Bachelor’s of Art and Science degrees in Entertainment Design and Game Design and Development, as well as a minor in writing. She is skilled in story creation, management, 3D modeling and multimedia design.