Garry’s Mod a Hit for Facepunch Studios


Image from the Facepunch Game Rust

By Sarah Howell

Facepunch Studios, (aka FPS, or FP) is an independent video game development company founded in Walsall England. It was officially founded in March 2009 by Garry Newman. The company’s most well known game is Garry’s Mod and has been most recently developing their game Rust. Rust is an online multiplayer survival game, based on similar games such as DayZ and Minecraft.
The original developers, Matthew Schwenk, Bryn Shurman, Garry Newman, and Arthur Lee, originally met while developing the game Facewound, in 2003. The group adopted Facepunch Studios as a company name to look professional and to continue the development of their side scroller. They also established the Facepunch forum. The forums consist of various sections such as sections for news, sections for video games unrelated to games as well as sections for general talk. The forum is now host to over 50,000 active users.
The name ‘Facepunch’ originated from a combination of the game Facewound’s name and comedic affect. Facepunch was deemed too funny to ignore and so the name of the company was decided.
Garry Newman began the development of Garry’s Mod as a side-project in 2004. Eventually, the game’s popularity took over the Facewound forum, as well as Garry’s time. The diversion led to Facewound being postponed and then cancelled. Facepunch Studios disbanded shortly after. Now, Garry’s Mod has become the showcase game of Facepunch Studios. As of November 2013, the game had sold 3.5 million copies and rising. As of September 2014 the game had sold 6 million copies. Garry stated that he would never be able to create a game as popular as Garry’s Mod, and that its popularity was luck; but the release of Rust has proved him wrong. It is one of the top played games on Steam, since it was released around Steam’s beginnings.


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